Dog Pricing

Get more value with Bundle Package. Enjoy 3 Basic Packages. Keep your pets squeaky clean with Paws On The Run

Service Description Basic Package Full Package
Brushing & Combing
Shampooing & Coat Conditioning
Anal gland cleaning
Blow Dry & Towel Dry
Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
Sanitary Trim – clipping underpaw, between footpad, underneath abdomen and excess hair at anal area
Extra Coat Scissoring and/or Clipping
Extra Brushing & Combing
Styling of Coat
(Additional charges apply)
(Additional charges apply)

*Severe dematting is painful to pet, which will not be performed by our groomer.

**Heavy flea/tick disinfestation requires veterinary medical attention which will not be performed by our groomers.

Size Basic Package Full Package
Value Buy Value Buy
Standard Price Bundle (3 x Basic Packages) Standard Price Bundle (3 x Full Packages)
S (1-10kg) RM 115 RM 328 RM 190 RM 542
M (11-20kg) RM 160 RM 456 RM 230 RM 656
L (21-40kg) RM 180 RM 513 RM 250 RM 713
XL (above 41kg) RM 358 RM 1020 RM 397 RM 1132
Dematting Not Applicable Additional RM45
Deticking Not Applicable Additional RM45
Medicated Bath Additional RM50 Additional RM50