Cat Pricing

Get more value with Bundle Package. Enjoy 3 Basic Packages. Keep your pets squeaky clean with Paws On The Run

Service Description Basic Package Full Package
Brushing & Combing
Shampooing & Coat Conditioning
Anal gland cleaning
Blow Dry & Towel Dry
Nail Clipping
Ear Cleaning
Sanitary Trim – clipping underpaw, between footpad, underneath abdomen and excess hair at anal area
Face, Feet & Tail Hair Trimming
Extra Brushing & Combing
Extra Brushing & Combing
Extra Scissoring, Clipping or Brushing
(Additional charges apply)
(Additional charges apply)

*Severe dematting is painful to pet, which will not be performed by our groomer.

**Heavy flea/tick disinfestation requires veterinary medical attention which will not be performed by our groomers.

Size Basic Package Full Package
Value Buy Value Buy
Standard Price Bundle (3 x Basic Packages) Standard Price Bundle (3 x Full Packages)
Above 1kg RM 120 RM 342 RM 180 RM 513
Dematting Not Applicable Additional RM45
Flea Treatment Shampoo Additional RM45 Additional RM45
Medicated Bath Additional RM50 Additional RM50