The Story

Paws On The Run was founded by pet owners who wanted additional time for themselves. They noticed that most people have issues finding time to take care of their pets as much as they would like to, so they decided to start a company that focuses on providing mobile pet grooming and more.

What would you think about this? A pet grooming home service, but just right in front of your car porch. Why travel to the pet salon if it could spend so much time wasting in the traffic?

The priorities are set high on convenience for the owner and pet comfort. This is what has led to our pet grooming home service that everyone knows and loves. Mobile pet grooming is a new phenomenon that is sweeping the nation. It’s not only about convenience for the owner, but also for the pet. The concept of a mobile pet groomer is one that not only provides convenience, but also comfort.


Pets Come First
Your pets are the priority when it comes to dog grooming home service and cat grooming home service with Paws On The Run. We work hard to provide a comforting setting that will be safe & relaxing as we help your furry friend shine!

At Your Convenience
You’ve got a busy schedule. To make the service as unassuming as possible, Paws On The Run operates and grooms in a mobile studio so that your home remains mess-free! You are welcome to join our grooming session, and it is you, your furkid and our groomer only.

Keep It Simple
When making a booking with us via mobile, the booking process is very easy. Call or WhatsApp us for price and plan, confirm your appointment with us. We will provide reminders at opportune times so you don’t miss out. Our intelligent guides are here to help you without being pushy about it!

Keep Listening
We want to be better at giving pet owners what they need and want, and getting feedback from our users is the only way we can do that. We look forward to your comments and reviews!